Kick Over the Statues by TMVC

TMVC is selling the posters by donation, with proceeds going towards The Anti-Police Terror Project. DM on Instagram to purchase.

Breonna Taylor Poster by See Black Women

This poster is designed by Tahirah Rasheed and Angela Hennesy, and is available on the See Black Women website.

Silkscreen Posters

The Space Program offers free silkscreen printing for local anti-racist/racial justice activities and for voting initiatives leading into the 2020 election. Posters are printed in-house with the expertise of Brian Von Bargen.

Check out the individual project pages for more info: Black Lives Matter and Vote.

Defund the Police Poster by Ken Davis

"Cool Hand" Ken Davis is a Bay Area-based sign painter. This design can also be found on a tee whose sales benefit The Zachary Project, a community fund of Critical Resistance, Oakland to support community members in need.

Protect and Serve poster by Ferris Plock

Ferris Plock has donated the posters to Welcome to the Terrordome, an exhibition at Black Book Gallery celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Public Enemy’s Fear Of A Black Planet.